Members of the Russian Intelligentsia Congress called for NATO membership

“Otherwise we'll turn into a province of China”

Members of the Congress of the intelligentsia of Russia supported joining NATO, since the Russian Federation is an integral part of the Western world, its natural ally.

Members of Congress, including Anatoly Chubais's father-in-law, director Andrei Smirnov, politician Leonid Gozman, publicist Andrei Piontkovsky and many others, are convinced that Russia needs to be not an enemy of NATO, but a full-fledged member of this military bloc.

Russia's entry into the alliance, they believe, would change the balance of power on the planet in favor of the values ​​enshrined in the basic documents of the UN and the Council of Europe.

Members of Congress recalled that our country had such an opportunity in the 90s, but the country's leadership did not take advantage of this opportunity. Now they look with hope at the upcoming talks between Russia and NATO, hoping that Moscow will be included in the Western alliance.

“We want our country today and in the future to be worthy of its great culture, its best achievements and dinners. Our common victory over the world's evil in the Second World War. We want Russia not to be an enemy of European civilization, but to be an integral part of it, ”the statement, which was published on the Echo of Moscow website, underlines.


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