Michael Payne – No Way Out lyrics

[Verse 1]
He is a warrior without a war to fight
A painter without a canvas
A singer without a song to sing
A dancer without a dance
A runner without a race to run
A hero without a life to give
A writer whose pen has all dried up
Whose love does he deserve?

There is no way out…
Reaching for answers to so many questions
There is no way out…
So little joy wrapped in so much pain

[Verse 2]
He is a father who has no son
And a son without a father
A lover with no one he can love
Just broken, empty promises
His voice it has no more words to say
His mind no longer dreaming
No future beyond this wall of doubt
Who can save him now…

[Verse 3]
He was a Father who gave His Son
And a son who gave it all
A lover who gave his life for love
But who believes in God?

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