Migos – Motorsport (feat. Nicki Minaj & Cardi B)

From CDQ snippet

[Intro: Quavo]

[Chorus: Quavo]
Motorsport, yeah, put that thing in sports (skrrt, skrrt)
Shawty bad (bad), pop it like a cork (pop it)
You a dork, never been a sport (dork, yeah)
Pull up (woo, woo), jumpin’ out the court
Cotton candy (drink), my cup tastes like the fair (cotton)
Straight up there (where?) we didn’t take the stairs (where?)
Faced my fears (fears) gave my mama tears (mama)
Shiftin’ gears (shift,) on the Nawf, get serious (serious)

Snippets from Powerhouse NYC

[Verse: Quavo]
That’s how it feels to get at me
It’s gon’ [?] on your backstreet
Sit so high in the nosebleeds

[Verse: Offset]
Angel make dark disappear
While I hit the gas [?] rear
Hid some racks in the back of the mirror

[Verse: Cardi B]
Ride the dick like a BMX
No nigga wanna be my ex (no)
I love when he go on tour
‘Cause he cums more when I see him less
I get upset off, I turn Offset on
I told him the other day
Man, we should sell that porn
Yeah, Cardi B, I’m back, bitches
I don’t wanna hear I’m actin’ different
Same lips that be talkin’ ’bout me
Is the same lips that be ass kissin’
These hoes ain’t what they say they are
And their pussy stank, they’re cash dissin’
Same hoes that was sendin’ shots
They reachin’ out like their back itchin’
Why would I hop in some beef (Why?)
When I could just hop in a Porsche?
You heard she gon’ do what from who?
That’s not a reliable source, no
Tell me have you seen her?
Let me wrap my weave up
I’m the trap Selena
Dame mas gasolina

[Verse: Nicki Minaj]
Quavo the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi

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