Money Man – Think of You Lyrics

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When i see the stars at night i think of you
My first ever lost i ain’t even know what to do
I just put [?] in my raps
Sellings these bags i don’t care about rap
Imma just sit down and count these racks
Before i leave the house i gotta grab my strap
Big dog nigga i don’t fuck with these straps
Gotta bad bitch face in my lap
Pull up to the light and my car electric
Weed smell musty like bad hygienist
Imma get money as long as they plant it
Burning on the strongest strain ever invented
The pack come tomorrow the plug already sent it
I was in L.A. reing up by Venice
Five muscle cars all of em getting trimming
Weighing up bags on a table that acrylic
Nigga take from me then he can’t be forgiven
Got it out the dirt nigga none of this was given
Getting the loads tryna avoid prison
When the moon glow at night i think of you
When the stars light up at night i think of you
Put them seeds in rock wool and then it grew
I just refilled a plastic two times
Hit a bad bitch one night two times
Thirty rack check came from [?]
Wishing yall niggas understood what i say
Might drop a song then go catch a play
Might drop a song then nigga go swipe
In the green house had to turn of my lights
When i fucked her it was the time of her life
Niggas be shiest that shit ain’t right
Niggas be evil that shit ain’t right
I can get rich for a real cheap price
Nigga that [?] grow saved my life
I be getting loans with fifteen names
I be putting young swipe niggas on game
When the sunset at night i think of you
I don’t want material things i just want you
Burning on Cinnamon nigga its exquisite
I just made 50 from Paypal [?]
Then i gotta Apex with no limit
And i got Care credit for these bitches
I can get half off on a new [?]

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