Montana of 300 feat. Jalyn Sanders & No Fatigue – Stylin’ Lyrics

(Chorus – Jalyn Sanders)
She ride it like a stallion
When I hit it I be styling
That money keep calling its piling
Pop bands baby I don’t call it
Killing the ref don’t get T’d up
When we touch down better ease up
No tricking just stacking that cheese up
No falling, i’m balling no ring
And it’s no denying
I flex without trying
Your bi**h keep eyeing me
I’m sick like a virus
I’m fly like a pilot
I can not hide it

(Verse 1 – Jalyn Sanders)
Can’t you just tell I stay glo’d, yea
She wanna give me knowledge like an old head
Girl, i’m gone rock it like i’m harden
Stay fly like an attendant
See my team winning, no losing, no benching
I’m never….not to f**king mention
Got….waiting on me in Canada
Wanna kiss on my chest because i’m tatted up
It’s two of them yea one of me
Don’t matter let’s add it up
I got them killers right beside me
So if you pull it then they shooting like they Spike Lee
So if you try, yeah
Everybody dies, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – No Fatigue)
When I’m flexing man I drip
Mj this is it
That black tooly be my bi**h
Tuck her like i’m Chris
I’m gonna f**k her like i’m pissed
Keep her no assist
In her water like I slipped
I swim like a fish
Not a hairdresser but I’m stylin
Your bi**h hitting on me yeah she fouling
Got a box up like an island
Where you can’t see it like violet
Trying to run it up like a RB
Clip hold a lot like a RV
Shawty talking bout she wanna stay the night
Need it in the morning like coffee
I rap and I ball like I’m Lillard
These ni**as be all in they feelings
You say that you ball you just scrimmage
You do all that for an image
Ice cold yeah that’s for ages
Gotta ni**a feeling like I’m ageless
My flexing come in different stages
I be turning bitches like pages

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Montana of 300)
When I slide on these squares these bi**hes break they necks
Boy, I will take your queen like we was playing chess
Before we f**king she s**king D Generation X
My pistol under my pillow I have the safest sex
I got bi**hes up in Dallas
I be styling like a stylist
Robin Jeans full of thousands
Dripping dressing like a salad
I laid her down like a pallet
Doggy style it got me growling
She moan I love the way she sounding
She can’t take it throw the towel in
Now when she see me she be smiling
Her ni**a hating like he Calvin
But I done snuck the 40 cal in
No ref I’m blowing if they fouling
When we touch down bi**h it’s wings up
I got chips I could slide like a Visa
Sometimes I go slow then I speed up
No cuffs but your bi**hes just got D’d up

(Repeat Chorus)

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