National Security Committee announced the stabilization of the situation in Kazakhstan

KNB: the situation in Kazakhstan has stabilized and taken under control The security forces neutralized the centers of the terrorist threat in Kazakhstan and freed the administrative facilities previously seized by terrorists

The situation in Kazakhstan was stabilized and brought under control. This was reported by the press service of the country's National Security Committee (KNB).

“ Republican and regional operational headquarters for the fight against terrorism neutralized the centers of the terrorist threat. All administrative facilities seized by terrorists have been released '', & mdash; stressed in the KNB.

The security officials also managed to ensure the security of strategic facilities and storage sites for weapons and ammunition. At the moment, the KNB is working to identify the places of possible shelter of militants and participants in the riots in the country.

The press service called on residents of the country to assist in identifying persons involved in terrorist activities, as well as voluntarily hand over what was stolen during the riots weapon.

Earlier on January 10, the KNB announced the neutralization of two extremist cells that took part in the riots in Almaty, and the arrest of four members of one cell. During the searches, they found weapons, grenades and religious literature.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan said that the country was faced with the aggression of terrorists who were trained abroad and participated in the fighting in hot spots on the side of the militants. Kazakhstan's Secretary of State Yerlan Karin called the riots a “ hybrid terrorist attack '' aimed at destabilization and coup.

Terrorist gangs prepared abroad are behind the riots. and the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev. According to him, the attackers were well-trained, well-organized, some of them did not speak Kazakh.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic reported that among the detainees there are foreign citizens & mdash; residents of a neighboring country.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko noted that his country had already faced a similar situation when “ bandit formations '' attacked the country and showed the whole world the threat of international terrorism. The Belarusian leader stressed that the goal of the extremists was to destabilize Kazakhstan and a fratricidal war.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Moscow views the events in the republic as an “ outside-inspired attempt ''; undermine the integrity of the state.

On January 2, protests began in Kazakhstan over the rise in prices for motor gas. Later, the protests escalated into riots, despite the actions of the authorities to reduce the cost of fuel.

During the riots, shops were ransacked, city administrations, the Almaty airport were seized, clashes with the police and the military took place.

In Kazakhstan, there is a state of emergency, a counter-terrorist operation. At Tokayev's request, a CSTO contingent was brought into the country to stabilize the situation.

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