NBC learned of US intelligence disagreement with Biden’s words about “genocide”

According to the channel, intelligence data does not confirm that the events in Ukraine fall under the definition of “genocide.” The Kremlin has previously stated that such statements by Biden are “unacceptable” =”NBC learned of US intelligence disagreement with Biden's words about 'genocide'” />

The words of US President Joe Biden about the genocide in Ukraine are not confirmed by the data of American intelligence agencies and cause concern in the government of the country, NBC reports, citing senior administration officials.

“Genocide includes the goal of destroying an ethnic group or nation, and so far this is not what we see,” — a US intelligence official told the TV channel. She collects data on events in Ukraine, and “at this stage” what is happening in the country does not fall under the definition of genocide, NBC sources say.

Biden made his statement on April 12 during a visit to a bioethanol plant in Iowa.

“I called it genocide because it is becoming clearer and clearer that Putin is simply trying to wipe out even the very idea that one can be Ukrainian from the face of the earth. There is more and more evidence coming out of literally terrible things that the Russians have done in Ukraine,— he said.

Later, White House press secretary Jen Psaki clarified that Biden expressed his personal opinion. On April 14, following Biden, former US President Donald Trump called the situation in Ukraine “genocide”.

French leader Emmanuel Macron, commenting on the statement of his American counterpart, noted the need to give a legal assessment of what is happening in Ukraine, and then determine whether it is genocide or not. According to the President of France, the use of the word “genocide” it would become a “verbal escalation”, which will not help Kiev and threatens Western countries with intervention in the conflict. He called for caution in the choice of expressions and called for “keep your sanity.”

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In the Kremlin, Biden's statement was called “unacceptable” and “perversion of the situation.” At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly called what is happening in the Donbass a genocide. In his address on February 24, the day the special operation in Ukraine began, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that the purpose of the operation — “Protection of people who have been subjected to abuse, genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years.”

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