North Korea announced another test of hypersonic weapons

The DPRK reported on the successful test of a hypersonic missile in the presence of Kim Jong-un. As stated in Pyongyang, the missile flew 1,000 km and hit the target. The actions of North Korea were condemned by the United States, during the maneuvers, the authorities had to suspend the takeoffs of civil aircraft on the west coast of the country

North Korea announced that it has successfully tested a hypersonic missile on Tuesday, January 11. This was reported by the central newspaper of the Korean Workers' Party Rodong Sinmun.

As stated in the report, the rocket flew 1,000 km and hit the target accurately. The test was attended by the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un.

The statement also says that the firing was carried out in order to “ confirm the data on the technical characteristics of the developed missile. ''

On the eve of the tests by the DPRK reported the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to the military, the rocket flew over 700 km above the sea at a maximum altitude of 60 km. The Japanese government suggested that the DPRK launched a ballistic missile.

Pyongyang's actions were condemned by Washington, which stated that it violated numerous UN Security Council resolutions and posed a threat to neighboring countries. Against the backdrop of tests, the US Federal Aviation Administration suspended aircraft takeoffs on the west coast of the country for several minutes.

This is not the first time North Korea reports about tests of hypersonic weapons: one of them took place on September 29. Another such launch was announced by the DPRK on January 6. The development of a hypersonic missile was “ of great strategic importance, '' the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTAC) wrote. for the state and is one of the priorities of the five-year military plan, adopted in January 2021. The tests were condemned by the United States and Japan.

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