Nur-Sultan was predicted to soon rename back to Astana

The political scientist believes that this will happen quickly enough

After the riots in Kazakhstan, the country's authorities will certainly launch an audit of the legacy of the first president of the republic, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Most likely, the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, will be renamed back to Nur-Sultan. This point of view was expressed by the head of the Political Expert Group, Konstantin Kalachev.

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

“ I think that's enough it will happen quickly. Nur-Sultan will become Astana again, “the political scientist said in an interview with

The interlocutor of the publication recalled that in official reports the city is already called simply” the capital of Kazakhstan “, without mentioning it as Nur -Sultana.

In early January, protests broke out in the country over the rise in prices for liquefied gas, which quickly escalated into riots. One of the largest cities of the republic, Alma-Ata, was especially badly damaged. To maintain order, servicemen of the CSTO countries were brought into the country.

Former President Nazarbayev himself completely disappeared from sight and did not make any statements about the crisis in the country. His press secretary, Aidos Ukibai, previously stated that the ex-president is in the capital and is in contact with his successor, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.

Nazarbayev, who ruled Kazakhstan for three decades, resigned in 2019. After he left the top post, the capital of the country, Astana, was renamed Nur-Sultan.

Tokayev himself recently said that during Nazarbayev’s presidency, many profitable companies appeared in the country and “a stratum of people rich even by international standards” … According to him, the time has come for them to provide assistance to the population of the republic on a systematic and regular basis.


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