NYT showed the possible disposition of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine

NYT has published a map with the possible location of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine The publication drew up a map on which it indicated where, according to its information, the Russian military is located, which may participate in the invasion of Ukraine. In total, it indicated ten groups of troops. Moscow has repeatedly denied such plans

The New York Times compiled and published a map, which showed, according to its data, the location of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine. These troops, the newspaper writes, “ threaten '' escalation of conflict with a neighboring state and potentially “ can open a new front. '' According to the newspaper, they “ surround '' Ukraine from three sides.

The type of troops, their numbers, and types of equipment are indicated on the map. The newspaper explains that it has compiled the map based on data from Ukrainian and Western officials, as well as independent military analysts and satellite imagery.

According to Western and Ukrainian officials, there are now 100,000 military personnel at the border with Ukraine. However, according to estimates of the US intelligence services, the Kremlin has developed a military operation involving 175 thousand troops, writes NYT. The publication also notes that, according to analysts, it is not yet clear whether Moscow plans to invade Ukraine. At the same time, they note, Russia is now “ on the way '' to get everything you need to launch an invasion.

The New York Times map shows ten major Russian troop concentrations within reach of the Ukrainian border. Almost all of them, according to the publication, include artillery, heavy equipment and tanks.

Two groups of troops, according to NYT, are located near the border with Belarus, near the cities of Yelnya (Smolensk region) and Klintsy (Bryansk region). Three more groups are located near Voronezh, indicated on the map. These troops, the NYT points out, can directly threaten Kiev in the event of a military operation.

Another group is deployed in the Volgograd area, two & mdash; near the border with the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, the newspaper notes. Two more locations of the military, according to her, & mdash; near the city of Korenovsk (Krasnodar Territory, only artillery) and on the territory of Crimea.

NYT, citing analysts, notes that before deploying a large-scale operation, Russia will most likely need to tighten up the military reserve, as well as infrastructure, such as field hospitals, which are now not available near the border with Ukraine. At the same time, she writes that this can be done rather quickly.

A number of Western media in the spring and autumn published articles in which they admitted that Russia was preparing to invade the territory of Ukraine. Western officials also made such statements. Washington, for example, has repeatedly expressed concern and warned Moscow of the consequences.

Russia, in turn, has denied plans to attack Ukraine. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called such publications and statements empty and groundless escalation of tension. He also stressed that Russia has never attacked anyone first.

According to him, an information campaign is being conducted from the West in order to present Russia as a threat to the process of resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

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