Overdrive Orchestra – Underground lyrics

It’s been a long year, living underground
With no place to call my own
And there’s no shelter here, standing in the cold
And nobody even knows

Oh lord, you let me down
Laid my friend beneath the ground
Burn my letters, hold my calls
‘Till there’s nothing left at all

A week’s gone by, the changes written on the wall
He was a boy about my age
He slipped and fell into a never-ending sleep
Left his stories on the page

Oh lord, you let him down
Cut him off and shut him up
How’d you like it if I played you just the same?
Oh wait, I think that I just did

It’s been a long year, living underground
Hanging pictures on the wall
Won’t you break me from this prison cell so cold?
And lead me down that hall

Oh lord, you let us down
Cut the cord and watch us burn
Won’t you laugh it up? There’s more to go around
Don’t you know that it’s your turn?

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