P-Lo – Template

SF fitted gold grill in
Suzy on the beat watch me kill it
All I do is go up like the ceiling
Curry with the shot watch me shimmy
I ain’t timid
They ain’t heard this in a minute
Real bay boy ain’t no gimmick
Nah I don’t trap
I just hit hoes and make whap
Everytime I’m on it it’s a slap
That’s what the hoes say
She take molly with the OJ
Seen yo bitch that’s my old thang
Killed this beat it’s a cold case
Freaky little thing roll the tree up
Send her one text wanna meet up
I don’t get top with my seat up
I hit the recline and
Give the peace sign
Red Button not the green one
Ultralight how I beam up
Want a hot towel when she clean up
When you a real boy you don’t need much
I can make something outta nada
Lightskin thang call me dada
[?] got a lot of
I ain’t with that shit that you brought up
Yeah they heads what I’m coming for
I’m on the wave while they run the shore
Yeah they want it but I want It more
How you running when I got the torch
Yeah I swear I’m getting started up
Push a button when I start it up
She always tell me that I’m hard as fuck
Pretty thang got me hard as fuck
I wanna see what it do tho
Baby you know
All the hoes wanna kick it like I’m teaching judo
And I’m the sensei
You ain’t one I’m the template

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