Pentagon Press Secretary Kirby Moves to the White House

John Kirby has been with the US Department of Defense since 2021. Biden appointed him National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator />

John Kirby

U.S. President Joe Biden has appointed Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby as National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator, White House reports.

“In this position, Kirby will coordinate interagency efforts to clarify United States policy and will serve as the administration's senior representative on related matters,” Reuters cites an excerpt from the statement.

Kirby will report to the head of the National Security Council, Jake Sullivan.

Biden said that Kirby “possesses a unique qualification.” for this position and “understands the complexities of foreign and defense policy” United States.

The Washington Post and CNN previously reported that Kirby would be stepping down as Pentagon spokesman. According to the latter, he will not regularly hold briefings, but will speak with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre when necessary. 2017).

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Kirby served as a State Department spokesman from 2015-2017, then spent several years as a military analyst at CNN. He joined the Pentagon in 2021. According to WP, Kirby “impressed White House officials” with their briefings, especially in recent months, during the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

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