Peskov said there was no contact between the Kremlin and the White House

According to Peskov, “all contacts are virtually absent.” The last time Putin and Biden spoke was two weeks before the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine .jpg” alt=”Peskov said there was no contact between the Kremlin and the White House” />

There are virtually no contacts between the Kremlin and the administration of US President Joe Biden, RIA Novosti reported. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“We can say that no, not now. Now all contacts are virtually absent,»,— he said, answering a question about contacts between the Kremlin and the White House.

Since the beginning of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, the United States has already imposed several packages of sanctions against Moscow, including against Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, at the end of February, Washington announced the expulsion of 12 employees of the Russian mission to the UN, and later— ten more employees of the Russian diplomatic mission.

At the same time, the number of bilateral meetings and negotiations between the first persons of Russia and the United States has decreased. In particular, the Russian president last called Joe Biden on February 12— two weeks before the announcement of the special operation in Ukraine.

On April 20, Peskov, answering a question about the possible date for the return of the US ambassador to Moscow, said that “the return of ambassadors after consultations is justified by expediency.” Relations between the two countries are now at a “low point”, he pointed out.

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John Sullivan left Moscow on April 22nd. He said that he would stay in the USA for several weeks, but did not name the exact date of return.

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