Piotr Sobolczyk – Pest Gets Greased lyrics

We don’t want your creativity
We don’t want your mix
We don’t want your eclecticism
Why don’t you get fixed?

Alone I will go my way
If they try to make me prey
Together they will fly so low
How many times did the cock crow?

I’ll go west
If east is my nest
I’ll go east
If square cannot resist

I’ll go west
If in cradle I find pest
I’ll go east
If only pest gets greased

Alone I will go south
Where smiles wet the mouth
Where I’ve been understood
And never experienced falsehood

I don’t want your rigidity
I don’t want your tricks
I don’t want your homogeneity
Why you’re so transfixed?

“The pasttime of communism imposed on the society not only a certain
Structure of labour but also its specific understanding: it created a great
Amount of illusionary labour and then it forced people to believe this
Illusion as if it were authentic labour. As a consequence people strain but
They don’t work.”
If everyone had a job and the evaluation processes favorized mostly
Allegiance to the ideology and its institutions, then no wonder people lost
Faith in meritorious judgments. After the communism fell, the minds of many
People still have been haunted by old habits. Philosophers call this
Phenomenon homo sovieticus. It matters more whom you know and whom you
Praise than what are the factual and substantive qualities of what you do.

Labour system under communism
Made people believe in illusionism
Whether you stand you work you lie
Levelized salary is certified
It don’t matter then how well you do
But it matters only who knows you
Who supports you and who backs
Regardless of merits that you lack you suck
After the communism fell
Many people remained under the spell
If you’re homo philosophicus
You can call it homo sovieticus

Czy to ćwieczkus
Czy to dzikus
Ach to homo sovieticus
Czy sarmata
Czy brat łata
Romantyczny neuroticus
Na układy
Zna szarady
Grywa w kości
Ma koneksje i proteksje
I załatwia
Wiadro wapnia
I nie lubi
Nie dość skromnych
Pycha gubi
Bądź niezłomny

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