Poland terminated the agreement with Russia on gas supplies

The agreement was to be valid until the end of 2022. At the end of April, Gazprom stopped gas supplies to Poland, as the country refused to pay for it in rubles under the new conditions

Poland is terminating the agreement with Russia on gas supplies, Anna Moskva, Minister of Climate and Environment, announced on Twitter .

“Poland denounces” Yamal ” intergovernmental gas agreement of 1993»,— she wrote. According to the minister, the situation in Ukraine “confirmed the correctness of the intentions of the Polish government to become completely independent of Russian gas.”

Pyotr Naimsky, the country's government representative for strategic energy infrastructure, said that the decision was adopted by the Polish government on May 13. “After 30 years, we can say that gas relations between Poland and Russia cease to exist,” — he noted on the air of “Polish Radio”.

RBC sent a request to a representative of Gazprom.

In August 1993, the governments of Russia and Poland signed an agreement on the creation of a gas pipeline system for the transit of Russian gas through Poland and the supply of Russian gas to this country. Later, a number of additional protocols were signed to it, including a long-term contract for the purchase and sale of Russian gas between Gazprom Export and and Polish PGNiG for the supply of 10 billion cubic meters. m of gas annually. In 2019, Warsaw informed Moscow of plans to terminate this contract at the end of 2022. Poland did so three years before the expiration of the agreement, as specified in the terms.

At the end of April, Gazprom announced that he had suspended gas supplies to Poland due to non-payment of fuel in rubles. In Warsaw, the new payment terms, introduced by the decree of the Russian president at the end of March, were considered a violation of the agreement.

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«Gazprom» warned that in the event of unauthorized withdrawal of gas from transit volumes to third countries, supplies for transit would be reduced by this volume. Later, the company reported that Warsaw buys Russian gas through Germany, from where it is redirected to Poland through the Yamal gas pipeline; Europe».

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