Political analysts have compared events in Kazakhstan with the Ukrainian Maidan

“The situation is stabilizing, but it is necessary to draw conclusions”

Events in Kazakhstan are actively discussed on the Internet. Many political scientists draw an analogy with the Ukrainian Maidan of 2013-2014 and warn the residents of Kazakhstan about possible catastrophic consequences.

Storm of the administration in Almaty … Frame from the video.

The reason for the mass demonstrations in a number of cities of Kazakhstan was the increase in liquefied gas for refueling cars. A well-known political scientist, ex-deputy of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Spiridon Kilinkarov analyzed price indicators in two countries.

“ To understand the depth of the problem that brought people to the squares in Kazakhstan, let us compare gas prices in Ukraine and Kazakhstan in tenge, '' he wrote on his Telegram channel. – So, after the price doubled, gas at filling stations in Kazakhstan began to cost 120 tenge, in Ukraine the same gas costs 320 tenge, and silence! Maybe it's not about the gas price, it's just an excuse, but the reasons are much deeper? ''.

According to the political scientist, “ there is certainly an external factor. ''

“ To shatter the republic before important negotiations, this significantly weakens the negotiating position of Russia, because all the republics of the former Soviet Union are included in the sphere of Russia's interests, '' the political scientist noted. – But, just to blame the West, and not to try to understand internal problems, this means the inadequacy and inability of the authorities to respond to such complex processes within the country, which can lead to catastrophic consequences. I am sure that the situation will be stabilized, but it is necessary to understand the reason and draw conclusions. ''

In turn, publicist Yulia Vityazeva commented on the Telegram channel on photos and videos from the streets of the cities of Kazakhstan, where, after night clashes between protesters and law enforcement officers, burned-out cars remained. “ As if the war were & hellip; '' – the residents of the protest regions of Kazakhstan comment on what they saw in the morning. In this connection, I would like to warn about one thing: do not come to your senses – it will be. And war and all the other 'delights' victorious Maidan. Believe me, '' said Vityazeva.

Political scientist Semyon Bagdasarov believes that in Kazakhstan, “ another color revolution is developing before our very eyes. ''

“This story is extremely unprofitable for us,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. “Those who set fires on our borders and create a belt of instability are well aware of this. There are 3.5 million Russians in Kazakhstan, the second largest ethnic group. The length of the state border is 7600 kilometers. And all this raises questions. ''

Writers and politician Zakhar Prilepin noted that any orange revolution develops in the presence of three factors: external media, political and financial support; the presence of opposition (or those who are ready to become opposition) in power at least in several key positions. ''

And you really need to follow them. And not behind the crowds in the streets, “Prilepin wrote in his Telegram channel.

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