Poll: 80% of Russian schoolchildren write off finished homework assignments

Compilations of ready-made homework solutions (GDZ) are used by 78% of Russian school graduates. Such data are provided by Gazeta.ru, & nbsp; referring to the survey data.

Analysts found out that in the fifth grade 32% of students cheat, in the sixth & ndash; 43%, in the seventh & ndash; 59%, in the eighth & ndash; 78%, in the ninth and tenth & nbsp; & ndash; 82%.

As schoolchildren admitted, they most often turn to GDZ for help against the background of fear of getting an unsatisfactory grade, and over time this anxiety only increases. & Nbsp;

Another reason was lack of time due to a large amount of homework. In addition, children complain that they do not have time to master the school curriculum.

Earlier, the head of state said that the success of today's schoolchildren determines the future of Russia.

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