Prime Minister of Kazakhstan named tasks for the new government

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan: the government must repair the damage from the riots Alikhan Smailov, who was appointed Prime Minister of Kazakhstan the day before, said that the new Cabinet should lead the country out of the crisis. He instructed to prepare proposals on the reform of the armed forces and strengthen control over the circulation of weapons

Alikhan Smailov

The new government of Kazakhstan should lead the country out of the crisis and repair the damage caused during the unrest. This was stated by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, who was appointed to this position the day before. On January 12, he addressed the new Cabinet of Ministers for the first time.

Ministers must “ make every effort to fulfill the tasks set by the president aimed at improving the quality of life of the population, maintaining economic growth and resisting the pandemic, and recovering from terrorists and looters. huge damage, to bring the country out of a large-scale crisis, '' said Smailov (quoted by Tengrinews).

According to him, these are “ very difficult tasks, which in the current conditions have not yet fallen to any government. ''

Smailov gave a number of instructions to the departments, RIA Novosti reports; :

  • Ministry of Defense & mdash; develop proposals for reforming the armed forces and intelligence;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs & mdash; strengthen control over arms trafficking and the spread of religious extremism;
  • The Ministry of National Economy & mdash; to prepare a draft government action program for the year.

During the meeting, the heads of departments who became members of the new Cabinet of Ministers took the oath: Minister of Information and Public Development Askar Umarov, Minister of Justice Kanat Musin, Minister of Health Azhar Giniyat, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Kairbek Uskenbaev, Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantyrov and Minister of Energy Bulat Akshulakov.

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev appointed the country's new government on January 11. The previous cabinet was dismissed on January 5 amid ongoing protests. On the same day, the Kazakh authorities declared a state of emergency throughout the territory, and Tokayev removed former President Nursultan Nazarbayev as head of the Security Council.

Protests in Kazakhstan began on January 2, prompted by the decision of the authorities to raise the prices for liquefied gas. Then the protesters began to put forward political demands. Subsequently, the actions escalated into clashes with security officials and pogroms. To suppress them, Tokayev called for help from the forces of the CSTO.

The President of Kazakhstan blamed the outbreak of the protests on the resigned government, in particular the leadership of the Ministry of Energy.

Po According to the authorities, as a result of the riots in Kazakhstan, about 1300 enterprises and organizations, more than 100 shopping centers and banks were damaged, about 500 police cars were burned, and the total economic damage could amount to $ 2 & ndash; 3 billion.

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