Putin pointed out to Biden the possibility of breaking off relations due to sanctions

Putin told Biden about the possibility of severing relations between Russia and the United States in the event of new sanctions The President of Russia in a telephone conversation with his American counterpart said that the “unprecedented sanctions” with which the West threatens Moscow could lead to a “complete rupture” of relations between the two countries

Putin pointed out to Biden about the possibility of breaking off relations due to sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his American colleague Joe Biden in a telephone conversation that the West's imposition of “ unprecedented sanctions '' because of Ukraine can lead to a complete rupture of relations between the countries. This was stated by his assistant Yuri Ushakov, reports TASS.

He noted that Biden warned of large-scale sanctions “ in the event of continued escalation along the Ukrainian border. '' “ But our president immediately reacted to this by saying that if the West nevertheless decides to introduce these unprecedented sanctions under certain conditions, then all this could lead to a complete rupture of relations between our countries, '' & mdash; Ushakov noted. According to him, Putin stressed that in this case, Russia's relations with the West would be “ seriously damaged. ''

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said after a conversation between the heads of state that Biden had warned Putin about decisive measures in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine. The American leader stressed that “ significant progress in the [security] negotiations can only be achieved if the situation is de-escalated. ''

In October and November, some Western media began to publish data on the impending 'invasion' Russia to Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denied this information. Putin said during a videoconference with Biden on December 7 that “ NATO is making dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory. '' and is building up its military capabilities at the Russian borders. He indicated that Russia is interested in legal guarantees that the alliance will not expand to the east.

During a telephone conversation on December 30, the presidents discussed security guarantees. Putin stressed that Moscow will “ achieve results in the form of guaranteed security for Russia. '' Biden, according to Ushakov, “in principle agreed with this point of view.”

In mid-December, the Russian side sent the United States and NATO a draft treaty on security guarantees and an agreement on measures to ensure the security of Russia and the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. In particular, Moscow proposed to refuse the inclusion of the countries of the former USSR in the bloc and the deployment of NATO military bases on their territory. Secretary General of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg expressed readiness to conduct a dialogue with Moscow, but said that NATO would not compromise on Ukraine's right to apply for membership.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the United States would prepare a response to Russia's proposals on security guarantees in Europe.

On December 28, the White House announced the dates of negotiations with Russia on security guarantees: on January 10, negotiations between Moscow and Washington will take place, on January 12 & mdash; meeting of the Council Russia & mdash; NATO, and January 13 & mdash; meeting of representatives of Russia and the OSCE. The Foreign Ministry confirmed that consultations with the United States will take place on January 10.

Putin previously stated that Russia's military-technical response to the refusal of the United States and NATO to consider its security proposals could be “ very different. ''

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