Queen Ifrica – Nah Lie Lyrics

Yow mi naw lie
Da dance yah hot Jah know mi naw lie
Buy anything it real wi naw try
Wi table full a everything
Anything a anything
Yes a suh wi do wi thing
Suh mi love the modeling
Selector lets start more juggling

(Verse 1)
Marvin…..send message seh him waan fi touch the queen
Mi tell mi chargy dem nuh let him in
A nuh really seh mi mean, but if mi let him in
Him a go lift mi up and left a wip in a mi jeans
Push mi down pon mi hands meck mi dutty up mi knees
Let go mi ears nuh damn ni**a please

Prefer the snow man, a yesterday mi melt one
Him seh mi a the hardest thing fi please

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Rickey drunk and a wait out a door pon a ambulance
Letiesha a try catch the ass balance
A dread hold him catty and go pie, pie, pie, pon the batty
Place shake like Turbullence
Watch how the feel good riddim have the place a dance
Miss Kitty hotter than Tyra Barns
Tek the middle and a wuk up the middle
And a wuk up the middle and a wuk up the middle
The party plug in like charger, (876 code)
The place full up wid high roller
More than a ship load
The sound tun up fi get louder
Somebody split the big crowd
One bag a things a gwaan in yah
Tell him fi put the lights out

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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