Rashkin said that he recorded the confession because of the demand to remove his immunity

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State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Valery Rashkin, suspected of illegal hunting, said that the party has aroused against him the case is considered a planned operation.

“ At the moment, the prevailing opinion is that this is a prepared special operation, which was carried out, maybe even on a psychological level, maybe some people with the hunters were nearby and carried it out. '' ;, & mdash; said Rashkin in an interview with Dozhd TV channel (performs the functions of a media foreign agent in Russia).

The deputy is convinced that before his arrest, he was under surveillance & ndash; from the very beginning of his stay in the Saratov region.

Rashkin said that he has known the people he hunted with for over 20 years. According to him, before they always had all the necessary permits. Therefore, the parliamentarian was sure that this time, too, everything was in order with the documents.

The deputy added that he did not speak with his friends after the arrest, as they are witnesses in his case and they are not allowed to communicate. p>

Rashkin noted that he recorded a video message confessing to the murder of an elk after the Prosecutor General's Office demanded that his immunity be lifted. According to him, he expected the Investigative Committee to begin investigative actions, but this did not happen.

The deputy also spoke about attempts to contact Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov, but there was no response. for myself he said that it is necessary to go out to the media, social networks, to tell this truth '', & mdash; Rashkin emphasized.

Rashkin was detained on October 29 on the highway in the Saratov region. A cut moose carcass was found in his trunk. At first, the deputy denied it and said that he had found the elk already killed. He later confessed that he himself had shot the animal. & nbsp;

Meanwhile, as experienced hunters confirm, the story “ confused a wild boar with an elk '' in itself looks like a violation of the rules of the hunt. Regulated hunting should look like this: to shoot a wild boar, like an elk, a license must be obtained, hunting must be carried out with the participation of a huntsman on the territory of the hunting farm. Before the hunt, a mandatory briefing is carried out with a list of all participants. Hunters are especially warned that shooting at poorly visible, poorly distinguishable targets or at rustling is strictly prohibited.

Participants in the hunt must have hunting tickets on hand, put their signatures under the they were briefed on the spot. Such papers are stored in the hunting farm and can be presented in case of verification.

Rashkin recorded a video message about the scandalous hunt: “The body of an elk is lying”

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