RiFF RaFF – Steph Curry Mcflurry

I send my condolences
I’m sipping codeine cream soda
In the second floor of my raspberry Range Rover
Rain dancing outside of Chick-Fil-A
I’m at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
With an eight of turtle dove spray in my marmalade
Top down for like twenty minutes
Check the reflection off the window at Chase Bank
Make sure the rims still spinning
It wasn’t in jail but I released my roof
Took a bite out of crime damn near chipped my tooth
Macaroon moon diamonds got me feeling bi polar
Two sided reminder man them ain’t diamonds
You rocking rhinstones cuz
Oops my bad I three wheeled past your dad
While he was picking up his ex wife
Three wheeled through Beyonce video
Spilled the syrup out of Jay Z’s Sprite
I might ball like Wesley Person
Shake your ass in a hurry
I’m in McDonalds selling Steph Curry McFlurry’s
I give the cold shoulder to my annoying opponents
I’m in the parking lot with Jeff Gordon
Doing donuts for Yoko Ono
If you see me on the beach then don’t walk up
And start speaking
Twenty five K for a feature

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