Roc Marciano – Already (Rosebudd’s Revenge Album)

[Verse 1]
Titanium timepiece, dimepiece between the sheets with body heat
Maserati’s not leased
Cock the pump shottie, it make your body leak
Not your main hottie, she kinda knock-kneed
Mahogany woodgrain all in the five speed
Silk lay on me, pray for me
8 million stories in the naked city
The humidity it made the titties oil
Skin is salty, it’s sultry, can’t fault me
For all this ice on me I’m tryna stay frosty
Smokin’ lah out in Bogotá
The focus, niggas lookin’ like smokers in the eyes
You poked and left immobilized where the vultures fly
I’m bout to cop a home in Oceanside
Sky Dweller’s frozen in time, my mind’s a goldmine
You washed and left to dry on the clothesline
Hoes on your vines look like Kanye clothing line
Bring you closer to God, caught you laying low out in Omaha
Oh my god
Don’t start me [?]
Omar scar [?]
Send your family a nice postcard

Pimpstead (already), get the bag (already)
New whips (already), all my hoes (already)
See my team (already), I been a G (already)
Light the weed (already), nigga we (already)
Yeah nigga (already, already)
How the fuck we get down boy (we already, already)

[Verse 2]
Kiss the ring, million dollar ding-a-ling swing
I’m just gettin’ back in the swing of things
My jeans fit me like Springsteen
Bring M16s I might need a spring cleaned
I’m tryna hear these niggas sneakers squeak
Think it’s sweet get your street sweeped
Sweep you off your feet, that’s off GP
Squeeze three at your Bentley GT
With the drum my queen Sheila E
The whips ceiling-free, rip the brick up like cream of wheat
We the team to beat
The fans demand new work, but I’m a man of few words
Your tool don’t burst if so then who heard, your view’s blurred
I couldn’t speak, the OG said chew your food first
Spoon was burnt, my shoes is worth an MF DOOM verse
Niggas they claim they ain’t rappers doin’ all the rappin’ (how that work?)
Niggas sayin’ they got cash and I’m saying they catfish
Ain’t none of that shit off Saks Fifth
No respectable establishment carries this
Save yourself the embarrassment, you shallow
When it comes to this apparel, you not parallel
You still in my shadow, ho nigga stealin’ my swag though
Now I know just how Satchmo felt

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