Royce Da 5’9″ – Most Wanted (The Bar Exam 4 Album)

Like, what are you supposed to do? Like you put your hands up, you tell ’em that you don’t have a gun. The thing that America is telling our children, and this is the sad part, that black folks if you don’t make me comfortable we will kill you
America’s most wanted, don’t try to apprehend him
America’s most wanted (Ice Cube is back on the set)
Don’t try to apprehend him

[Verse 1]
Yes, the rhythm, the rebel
I’m broadcasting live on behalf of the glisten
That appears in y’all bezel, I’ve risen to level
So large, on my level with B.I.G
I really mean it when I tell you "get on my level", you dig?
Get it however you live
This is for censorship, pick a flow, switch the shit
Alien, rapping at a packed-out stadium
I’m prolly ’bout to sin like I got a late DM
If anybody or they friend try to flow against me
Put some dollars on your pen like an ATM
Every window tinted, every minute look like 8 PM
I’m so hip hop, I shit deluxe boombox
I nut tunes, I spit corrupt moon
Rockshell, toe-top tens, watch the bus zoom by
Listen, if I ain’t on your Mt. Rushmore of top spitters
Nigga, I am not with it, Ryan Rock different
I ain’t ’bout riches, I ain’t Scott Disick
I’m largely blessed, I’m always dressed
I’m not fresh though, I’m Godly, don’t call me less
Listen, chump, I spit it to pyramid, switch the front
The spirit of Egyptian ankhs, call me Neph
Nigga, my every alcoholic breath
Is heavy like imagine tryna carry all this stress
Your floss just preparing y’all for death
So God won’t bury y’all bearing y’all regrets
Carry on, I tote Goyard
My humble approach will boast for y’all
My hoe got more junk in the trunk than most tow yards
And if I don’t know y’all
I’ma turn yo’ voyage to bon voyage to bone lawyers
This one’s for y’all niggas thinking you really big
Tie you up and give you the busy sig
My future wasn’t always just so Truman
To produce checks, I have my little metro booming
Never lose bets when it’s time to shoot death
I am G Money and Nino, I got the goose neck, now who’s next?
Lavar Ball doing battle for my boys
Playing hardball with them crackers like I’m Floyd
You would never know that I’m annoyed, that’s ’cause I’m a poet
Grab a nigga neck and snap it just to add it to my story

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