RT demanded in a Berlin court to lift the ban on broadcasting

RT DE filed a lawsuit in Berlin with a demand to cancel the ban on broadcasting in Germany The decision of the German regulator to ban broadcasting, according to the channel, is unlawful, and RT DE has nothing to do with “speculation expressed by MABB.” Because of the situation with RT in Russia, they took action against Deutsche Welle and threaten YouTube .jpg” alt=”RT demanded in a Berlin court to lift the ban on broadcasting” />

RT DE Productions (a division of the TV channel in Germany) has applied to a Berlin court to overturn the decision of the media regulator Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB) to ban broadcasting in the country, according to the RT website.

“Representatives MABB claims that RT DE Productions is responsible for broadcasting the RT DE channel, ignoring the fact that this channel is actually broadcast by ANO TV-Novosti. (legal entity RT. — RBC) from Moscow. The speculations expressed by MABB have nothing to do with reality,— the channel said in a statement.

RT DE emphasized that the company provides services to ANO “TV-News” solely as a content producer.

German regulator MABB banned RT DE from broadcasting in the country on February 2. The reason given was that the channel did not have an appropriate license. According to RT, the fact that the channel has a license in Serbia allows it to broadcast in Germany as well. Under the Serbian license, RT already broadcasts in more than 30 European countries. However, in Germany they said that the channel “cannot refer to any other legal permission under European law” except German.

In response, on February 3, Russia banned the broadcasting and broadcasting of the German Deutsche Welle. The channel's correspondent offices were closed in the country, accreditations were canceled for all employees of the Russian bureau of DW, and the television and radio company itself can be recognized as a foreign media agent. The German Foreign Ministry considered this unfounded and indicated that such measures “once again complicate Russian-German relations.”

In addition, on February 4, Roskomnadzor warned that the department was considering the possibility of economic measures against YouTube video hosting due to the systematic blocking of Russian media channels. The proposed measures, among other things, provide for the possibility of a ban on advertising, search results, as well as limiting payments and money transfers.

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