Russia convenes UN Security Council meeting on US biolaboratories in Ukraine

According to Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Representative to the UN, the Russian side at the meeting on May 13 intends to present new facts confirming the activities of American military laboratories in Ukraine

Dmitry Polyansky (center)

Russia intends to present new evidence of military biological programs of the US laboratories in Ukraine, said Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Representative to the UN, in Telegram.

“We demanded an open meeting of the UN Security Council to present new evidence of military biological programs in US biological laboratories in Ukraine. The meeting is scheduled for 10:00 (17:00 Moscow time) May 13,— Polyansky wrote.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that in Ukraine there was a network of 30 biological laboratories that worked on the order of the Pentagon. There, military biologists studied the causative agents of the Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever and leptospirosis, as well as hantaviruses, since these pathogens have natural foci both in Ukraine and in Russia, and “their use can be disguised as natural outbreaks of diseases,” said the head of the troops radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov. Scientists have also explored the transmission of diseases through bats, he said. The Russian military believes that Ukraine tried to create biological weapons components.

The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under Art. 355 UK— on the development and production of weapons of mass destruction. The head of the UK, Alexander Bastrykin, claims that US funding for biological programs in Ukraine has exceeded $224 million since 2005.


The Ministry of Defense accused of involvement in the activities of American laboratories in Ukraine manufacturers of coronavirus vaccines Pfizer and Moderna, as well as pharmaceutical companies Gilead and Merck & Co (MSD).

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The State Department and the Pentagon denied involvement in the development of biological weapons. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that he— “president of an adequate country” and weapons of mass destruction are not developed in Ukraine.

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