Russia imposes sanctions on Boris Johnson and Theresa May

Boris Johnson and Theresa May

The Russian Foreign Ministry imposed personal sanctions against the British leadership “in connection with unprecedented hostile actions” and banned a number of members of the British government from entering the country, according to the website of the ministry.

Restrictions included:

  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister;
  • Dominic Raab, Minister of Justice;
  • Elizabeth Truss. Foreign Secretary;
  • Ben Wallace, Secretary of Defense;
  • Grant Shapps, Minister of Transportation;
  • Priity Patel, Minister of Home Affairs;
  • Rishi Sunak, Minister of Finance;
  • Kwazi Kwarteng, Minister of Enterprise, Energy and Industrial Strategy ;
  • Nadine Dorries, Minister for Digitalisation, Culture, Media and Sports;
  • James Hippie, Undersecretary for Defence;
  • Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland;
  • Swella Braverman, Attorney General for England and Wales;
  • Theresa May, Conservative MP, former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

“This step was taken as a response to London's unbridled information and political campaign aimed at isolating Russia internationally, creating conditions for containing our country and strangling the domestic economy,»,— says the message of the Foreign Ministry.

According to Russian diplomats, the British leadership “deliberately pumps up” the situation around Ukraine, together with NATO “pumping up” Kyiv armaments. London “pushing hard” not only their Western allies, but also other countries to impose sanctions against Russia, according to the Foreign Ministry. Moscow called this “incitement” unacceptable, and the restrictions themselves “meaningless and counterproductive.”

The department promised to expand the list of sanctions in the near future to include British politicians and parliamentarians who “help whip up anti-Russian hysteria, push the” collective West ” to use the language of threats in dialogue with Moscow and are engaged in shameless incitement of the Kiev neo-Nazi regime.

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