SBU announces detention of Ukrainian politician Shariy in Spain

In Ukraine, Shariy is a defendant in a case of treason and inciting hatred. In recent years, he lived in Europe, but in 2022 Lithuania deprived him of his refugee status

Anatoly Shariy

In Spain, at the request of the Security Service of Ukraine, a Ukrainian journalist, blogger and chairman of the party named after him Anatoly Shariy was detained, reported press service of the SBU.

“Law enforcement agencies of Spain detained A. Shariy on May 4, 2022”,— it is said in a message on the website of the SBU.

It specifies that the detention of Shariy happened “thanks to close cooperation” The SBU with the office of the President of Ukraine and international partners as a result of a “multi-level special operation”.

In Ukraine, Shariy is involved in two criminal cases— on treason and incitement of national, racial or religious enmity and hatred (Articles 111 and 116 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

According to the investigation, Shariy “carried out illegal activities to the detriment of the national security of Ukraine in the information sphere” . The investigation has grounds that he acted “by order of foreign structures.”

Shariy was charged in February 2021. Then the SBU reported that since 2012, with the help of social networks, the media and Russian TV channels, “contributed to state and non-governmental structures of the Russian Federation in conducting special information operations.”

Ukraine, deliberately and purposefully disseminated manipulative, distorted information about government initiatives and events in the east of the country.

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Shariy announced his departure from Ukraine in 2012. Then he told Ukrayinska Pravda that because of the “persecution” on the part of law enforcement and hooliganism decided to seek political asylum in the Netherlands, but due to the fact that he had a Lithuanian visa, the Dutch authorities sent him to Lithuania. There he received refugee status, but he was deprived of it in 2021 and recognized as an “undesirable person,” Delfi wrote. He appealed this decision, but in 2022 the Lithuanian court made a final decision to deprive him of his refugee status.

Shariy maintains a blog on YouTube, where he has 2.95 million subscribers. He is known for his criticism of the Ukrainian authorities and his regular collaboration with Russian state TV channels. In 2015, he created a party called the Sharia Party, which ran in elections in 2019 and managed to win seats in several city councils. Shariy himself was denied registration as a candidate for deputy on the grounds that he does not live on the territory of Ukraine. In 2021, the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine imposed sanctions against Shariy and his wife Olga. In March 2022, during martial law in Ukraine, the National Security and Defense Council suspended the activities of 11 political parties, including the Shariy Party.

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