Scholz announced problems with energy security in Germany for years

Germany will not be able to solve the energy security problem for several years, although it is already building pipelines, LNG terminals and changing laws. Authorities are preparing “for shortages, for example when it comes to gas,” said Scholz

Olaf Scholz

Germany's energy security problem will not be resolved for several years, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in a video message posted on the government's website.

“We build pipelines, LNG terminals (liquefied natural gas. — RBC). We guarantee that it is stored in our gas storage tanks. And we ensure the use of coal-fired power plants to save gas, — added Scholz.

According to him, the authorities are striving for the country not to depend on oil, coal and gas imports in the long term and to increase the share of renewable energy sources. They are changing legislation for this at a pace “which has never been seen before in Germany, and which is necessary,” concluded the Chancellor.

In March, the German chancellor said that the EU did not dare to impose sanctions on Russian energy supplies, since it would not be possible to ensure the energy security of the union in other ways than at their expense. However, already in early June, a partial oil embargo was included in the sixth sanctions package. The ban applies to sea shipments and applies not only to oil in its pure form, but also to mixtures— so-called blends.

Against the backdrop of the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions by the European Union, annual inflation in the eurozone rose to a record 8.6% in June. Energy has risen most of all there— by 41.9% in annual terms.

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Against the backdrop of the crisis, the German authorities have repeatedly urged residents to save energy. Economics Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck said that the country could only survive the winter with significant energy savings and full storage. He admitted that he himself began to save on his soul due to the limitation of Russian gas supplies and the risk of its shortage.

Earlier, on June 14, the Russian “Gazprom” notified the German side that he was going to reduce the gas supply from the planned 167 million to 100 million cubic meters. m per day due to the non-return of the Siemens turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline; refurbished from Canada. The next day, another gas turbine engine was taken out of service, which reduced the volume of pumping to 67 million cubic meters. m of gas per day.

The Russian company explained what was happening with a delay in the repair of Siemens units (it decided to leave the Russian market in May), which are being repaired in Montreal, Canada. It is difficult to take them out of there because of the sanctions. The Kremlin insisted on a similar version of the current situation, assuring that Russia remains a responsible supplier. Siemens considers the decision of “Gazprom” political. The same opinion was expressed by Khabek, who assumed that Moscow could completely cut off gas supplies.

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