Senator Pushkov appreciated Germany’s reaction to Ukraine’s protest over the turbine

Senator Alexei Pushkov said that Ukraine's outrage over Canada's return of the turbine for Nord Stream was rejected by Germany because it has no basis.


Senator Aleksey Pushkov said that Ukraine's indignation over Canada's return of the Nord Stream turbine was rejected by Germany because it has no basis. Thus, he commented on Berlin's reaction to the protest of representatives of Kyiv in connection with Canada's decision to return the turbine for the gas pipeline.

Recall that earlier the Minister of Natural Resources of Canada, Jonathan Wilkinson, will return the repaired turbines for Nord Stream to the country's authorities, despite sanctions. This will happen at the request of Germany. After this decision, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that this decision by Canada was “absolutely unacceptable.”

“Canada did not coordinate this step with the European Union. The authorities of the country brought the turbine under their sanctions due to thoughtlessness. In this regard, they were forced to reverse,” Pushkov said on social networks.

According to him, the European Union and Germany did not impose sanctions on gas supplies from Russia.


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