Sherry Lynn – Bang Bang lyrics


I’m not the kind of girl who cries in a beer
I drink a shot and then get even
You should be hiding like a nine point deer
While I take up for open season
I bet you never thought you’d get busted out
But now that you’ve succeeded
I finally figured out what you’re all about
I got all the ammo I needed


Oh, Bang Bang my aim is good
And pointed straight at you
Oh, Bang Bang so it’s understood
Honey you and I are through
Thought you could pull one over on me
But guess what, I don’t miss a thing
And there’s one thing I can promise to you baby
I’ll be leaving you with a Bang Bang


I guess your little secret ain’t going so well
She found herself another man
Forgive me for laughing this is funny as hell
She moved on and you got the can
It’s too late for regrets cause the damage is done
You should’ve thought of that before you cheated
Me and old Jack Daniels will have a little fun
And the bank account’s been depleted

Repeat chorus


You’ve just been shot down by a girl whose gun is bigger
And the best part about the whole thing is that I never had to pull the trigger

Repeat chorus

Bang Bang ain’t that a shame
No your never ever gonna change
Oh Bang Bang you’ve got yourself to blame
Yeah Bang Bang, Bang Bang
Oh woh oh woh oh woh oh woh Bang Bang

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