Slayter – World Against Me (Rngl Album)

Basic drugs
Got it on me
Pull it out
Turn this shit into a pistol party
Never worry never sorry
Escape the scene
Like I skrrt off in the Ferrari
Bitches these days
They say I’m stuck in my ways
How the fuck I’m supposed to change?
Niggas just be switching lanes
While getting brains
Don’t be a nigga who lame
Pillow talking
I’m zombie walking
I’m like this often
Get head while I’m looking for parking
And fuck her inside her apartment
I feel like the Devil inside of me
Mob deep like I’m Havoc or Prodigy
Don’t you see your bitch right next to me
She want my child like destiny
I got her swimming in Hennessy
Swimming in the girl of your fantasies
I ain’t try it happened randomly
I turned the bitch into a memory
Turn enemies into the Holy Ghost
I cut her off because she do the most
She bring her friend and I do them both
Mix xan with the lean
I be moving slow
Godbody hardbody big body
I don’t trust nobody
Nice tits nice ass I want head
I don’t want no body
I got her wet like a pool party
I don’t bring sand to the beach
All my bitches off the leash
They said that I’m out of reach

I swear them drugs
Just changed my mood
All my bitches be so beautiful
It feel like the world’s against me
Why they wanna go against me
If you go against me
We might touch your whole family
We might put you six feet deep
Nigga six feet deep

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