St. Petersburg resident who dismembered his father is charged

Investigators have charged a resident of St. Petersburg with the murder of his father, whose body he dismembered with a jigsaw, according to the regional Investigative Department of the ICR.

Yesterday, the department said that during the work on strengthening on the embankment of the Smolenka River in the Vasileostrovsky district, a trolley with a bag was found, in which the parts of a man's body lay. The police detained his son.

The investigation believes that the man shot his 66-year-old father as a result of a domestic conflict, after which he dismembered his body and threw it into the river. The 35-year-old accused confessed to the actions incriminated to him.

According to the ICR, on November 13, he quarreled with his father and shot him in the head with a hunting rifle. To cover up the crime, he purchased two carts and two shopping bags, in which he folded the body parts dismembered with a jigsaw and threw them into a pond. The question of the arrest of the defendant is being resolved.

This is not the first murder with dismemberment in St. Petersburg in recent years. Last summer, rapper Andy Cartwright died in this way, and his wife Marina Kohal is suspected of a crime. Earlier it was reported that & nbsp; protection of the injured party & nbsp; appealed the decision to transfer the defendant & nbsp; under house arrest. & Nbsp;

Also at the end of October it became known that a resident of St. Petersburg opened fire on people from the window of his own apartment, which was broadcast in social networks.


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