Still sippin – Jay Critch feat. Rich the Kid lyrics

Lyrics Jay Critch – Still sippin

I pour a 4 I’m leaning
I pour a 8 I’m sleeping
Pour out the pint it’s bleeding
Who got the drank? I need it
Double cup, I got the clean know Imma pour it up
She hate when I’m sipping she know I don’t give a f**k
Don’t touch my cup b***h
Need more seals quick
I can’t spill this, still got a activis
Who dat GP
A box of the pints in the truck when they call me
I might pull up the rari
Sippin that fanta pardon me
Y’all drinking that garbage a*s quality
I got a 2 liter on me
Only pour up with my homies
Don’t ask me if you don’t know me
Slowed up, momma said put that drink s**t up
But I’m in love with my cup
I keep sippin and sippin.(still sippin)

(Yo pass that cup, hey)
Matter fact go make that a double cup
Went and got me two bitches I doubled up
That’s your wifey why she wanna come with us
Let her sip on my cup and she fell in love
I might put my main b***h in Celine
This drank got me deep in my dreams
Fell asleep I was whipping the V
Pull up and I’m making a scene
Why they talking ain’t making no cheese
Your opinion don’t matter to me
Like a farmer I gather the green
Name a young nigga harder than me
She be sucking me up she a leech
F**k the wave we done started a beach
I’ve been balling lil nigga don’t reach
She keep calling I don’t wanna speak
But I just spent a bag on some feets
Shits might last me a week
Woke up in the Jag with a freak
Cup full of red like it bleed
Then we go hit the stain like bleach
I’m scoring see you in the bleachers
I’m snoring got lean and some reefer
She broke? No I don’t wanna meet herrr.
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