Substantial – Mlk (Dream Big) 2.0 (feat. See King & Matthew Shell) (The Past Is Always Present In The Future Album)

Back stateside on MLK riding
Low in the whip look like no one’s driving (Repeat 3x)
Whether 395 or 704
Dream big baby stay steady on course

[VERSE 1] (See King)
I grace these peasants with my presence King Martin Luther
The streets with his namesakes the perfect place to find a shooter
A civil rights mover turning left up in a Cougar
Watching the revolution on TVs took by a looter
On fire like H Street, tongue twerks on a break beat
History maker tell spectator to take seat
Enjoy the experience of this social experiment
Send shots at Cyclops; close the eye on the pyramid
I’m too dope it’s no legalizing this lyricist
Father MC and your baby mother’s the surrogate
Hip Hop’s in my heritage, save it from the culture vultures and
The poet poachers, still not a player though I’m dressing like the coaches
Most of us fell victim, to well-placed pitfalls got my dawgs in the system
The chocolate city now suffers from vitiligo
The dream died on that balcony pray it wakes up tomorrow

[VERSE 2] (Substantial)
Mike King like the minister’s initial name
Fighting imprisonment and those with wicked aims
Who administer pain, but we navigate the baddest fate
Like our ancestors did use our head to carry weight
Many chose to move it so now they facing the music
Misguided warriors can’t find their place amongst the movement
So you know the guns stay shooting ‘cause the streets blind niggas
Don’t see their a budding Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Tryna’ eat my dinner like what’s mine is yours…
Really what’s mine is ours, need to combine our power
Why shine for hours we can reflect eternally
For y’all to take me seriously, they’d have to murder me
No respect like the mascot in gold & burgundy
But certainly spitters this ill belong in infirmaries
Still dreaming temporary setbacks be deferring me
But my Corretta know betta she ride for eternity

(See King)
Lost my sight at the podium, blinded by diabetes
A diet with too much sodium still writing this opium
Claim country in crisis gain control of petroleum
Dreamt big as a kid, grew to be a custodian
Mass media frenzy, beamers Benzes and Bentleys
Before we party’d with panthers but now the venue is empty
Still penny pinching while the devil’s Willie lynching
Guess my brother was too poor to pay attention…Overstand!

Baby soldiers taken over never be an older man
Ain’t playing with a full deck, no one there to hold their hand
So they hold the steel like they wielding the wrath of God
Or hoping for a deal for their skill as a rapping God
….Hoping to give them chills with their catalog
Or hoop dreaming cuz they got skills with a basketball
Once you’re at the mall speaking to and for the people
Will you follow like sheep do or take a stance against evil while we’re…

Back stateside on MLK riding
Low in the whip look like no one’s driving (Repeat 3x)
Whether 395 or 704
Dream big baby stay steady on course

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