Tall Ships – Day By Day (Impressions Album)

And there we were
The 2 young titans
At odds with our world
Surrounded by things
Useless shit we could live without
We were an island
Getting bashed on all sides
By an ocean
Of sold fears and doubts
And when there’s no escape
From all the pressures in your life
And all the pain
That follows you around from day to day
Then you know it’s time
To redefine
Why it is you live your life
Cos you said it all
In that look you threw
Across this crowded room
And it said
We need to do something before we get too old
Because when you don’t believe in anything at all
It’s up to you to save yourself
So let’s escape
Find a place where everything will be ok
Where all the pressure in our lives will fall away
Give ourselves the time
To redefine
Why it is we live our lives
And start living again
So place your hands in mine
And we’ll walk away
We’ll break all ties
Quit these jobs we hate
Cos this time is ours
There’s so little to waste
And we can’t forget
We all die one day
So place your hand in mine
Yeah we’ll be ok
Live out the rest of our lives
Day by day
On this rock of ours
In this void of space
And only truly then
Can we know our place
So place your hand in mine
And with a new perspective on things
We’ll stop worrying all about
All the shitty little things
That cloud our hearts
And dull our heads
Cos with only one life
There’s no room for regrets
So place your hands in mine
Let go of it all and sing
These futile little words
Along with me
Cos it’s all we’ve got
We’ve no need to pretend
Cos with only love
Can we face the end
So let’s escape
Find a place
Where everything’s ok
Where we’ll have the time
To redefine
Come alive
And to really mean something
Through it all
Cos with you by my side
There’s no fear at all

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