Tech N9ne – How I’m Feeling Lyrics

[Nave Monjo]:
This is how im feeling
This is how im feeling
This is how im feeling

[Tech N9ne]:
This is how I’m feeling
That Bou Lou gonna give me a billion
In Shah La run it back with the willing
I’m gonna be off on an island chilling
I came a long way from the dealing
And I still run with the 5-6 villain
We live life like it ain’t no ceilings
Never been a liver to take a killing
I feel like breakdancing
Cause I got every bitch in the place straight glancing
While they next to their lover looking at me hate stancing
But I’m always with niggas like a fake clansman
How I’m feeling is people keep using identical syllables
Switch it up a little bit I’m feeling that off on this planet is the only one feelable
To the masses perhaps to the people I’m no mariah since the umbilical
I’m just a rapper that happens to kill a rope
When I be clapping to kill it all so

[Nave Monjo]:
Did it all on purpose
Step into your building to make you nervous
Better cuff your bitch cause she lurking
Spilling all these drinks I purchase
Hey something real strange
When I look around I see real things
If you make it out your feelings

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