The ambassador accused the United States of “a direct blow” to the Russians with sanctions against banks

“Ordinary citizens” keep money in Sberbank and Alfa-Bank, and therefore the imposition of sanctions against these organizations directly harms the Russians, Antonov believes. In his opinion, the US is introducing new measures “non-stop” “The ambassador accused the United States of “direct strike” on the Russians with sanctions against banks” />

Anatoly Antonov

American sanctions against Alfa-Bank and Sberbank show “true” Washington's goals, these actions are directed against ordinary Russians, said Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov.

“Most Russians keep their savings [in these banks]. This is a direct blow to the population of Russia, ordinary citizens,” — said the diplomat.

The United States is using “non-stop sanctions attacks,” he said, because of the introduction of new restrictions, the global economy is being damaged. In particular, Antonov continued, foreign partners are deprived of mutually beneficial cooperation, foreign companies are left without profits, which are necessary at the current time of “economic turbulence”.

The Russian ambassador also considered that the United States intends to tarnish Russia's reputation by creating obstacles to service the public debt. Despite this, Moscow “continues to fulfill its debt obligations in good faith and in a timely manner.” emphasized the diplomat.

The US authorities announced the imminent introduction of full blocking sanctions against Alfa-Bank and Sberbank a day earlier— April 6th. As part of the restrictive measures related to the US financial system, the assets of banks will be frozen, and US citizens and companies will be prohibited from doing business with them. Sberbank accounts for about a third of the assets of the entire Russian banking sector, the White House said, which makes its position significant for the entire Russian economy.

According to the Central Bank of Russia, as of January 1 this year, the total assets of all credit institutions in Russia amounted to 120.53 trillion rubles, while the assets of Sberbank amounted to 38.63 trillion rubles. Sberbank holds key positions in lending to companies and individuals.

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Sberanka assured RBC that they continue to work as usual, and restrictive measures will not have a significant impact on its work. “[Sanctions] will not affect the service to the Russians in any way, since the system has already adapted to the previously introduced restrictions,” — explained in the bank.

A similar statement was made in Alfa-Bank, indicating that more than 8.2 thousand sanctions have already been imposed against Russia. “What does this mean? Well, nothing. <…> We used to be afraid of this, but now— working as usual,— added to the bank. Alfa-Bank added that customers can still use Mastercard, Visa and Mir cards within the country, all services also remained available for legal entities.

“Restrictions will affect transactions with dollars, except In addition, the bank will suspend settlements with counterparties from the United States, — Alfa-Bank said in a message.

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