The British compared their army and the Russian: the difference is 57 times

Photo: Still from video

The British Daily Express conducted a comparative analysis between the British Army and the Russian Armed Forces. The reason for this was the aggravation associated with the “ displacement '' Russian troops “ about '' Ukraine. United Kingdom Defense Secretary Ben Wallace expressed concern, and London pledged to provide loans to Kiev for the purchase of military equipment.

Britain behaves like a power that will challenge Russia, but in reality its possibilities are very limited. So, the number of personnel in the Russian army is three million, while Britain has only 275.66 thousand. The Russian air force is 5.6 times that of the British. Russia has 4163 military aircraft, while London has only 733.

In terms of tanks, Russia is 57 times ahead of Britain: the Russian Federation has 12,950, and Britain has 227. The British consider this indicator 'shocking'. Russia has a total of 27,000 armored vehicles, while the United Kingdom has 5,000.

At sea, Russia has superiority in almost everything except aircraft carriers, which the former “ mistress of the seas '' has; two whole. “ As for other naval combat vehicles, such as submarines and destroyers, the Russians bypassed us significantly: they have 16 destroyers and 62 submarines, and we have six and ten, respectively, '' the article says.


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