The lawyer told the details of the detention of the Russian at the request of the United States in the Netherlands

Dubnikov was detained in the Netherlands at the request of the United States. They accuse the Russian of laundering money received by the ransomware hacker Ryuk. Cybersecurity companies associated it with “Russian-speaking hackers”

Russian citizen Denis Dubnikov, who was detained in the Netherlands at the request of the United States, was “practically stolen from Mexico,” lawyer Arkady Bukh told RBC. According to him, it happened immediately upon arrival.

“ They pushed him on a plane to Holland, although he was not going there at all and did not pay for tickets. Paid by the other side, we just understand that the United States. He arrived in Holland, the United States had about 12 hours to prepare all the documents through Interpol. And upon arrival, Holland accepted him, discovering an open arrest from the United States and a demand for extradition, '' & mdash; Bukh reported.

According to him, the United States knew about Dubnikov's movements. “ The fact is that many countries have a common anti-terrorist system, a list of people who should not fly. And so the United States is using this system to calculate and pinpoint people they are interested in arresting around the world, '' & mdash; the lawyer considers. In the United States, a Russian is subject to an article on money laundering, which provides for up to 20 years in prison, he added.

It was in the Netherlands that they decided to send Dubnikov, since this country has “ almost one hundred percent statistics on extradition to the United States, while Mexico is not so simple, '' Bukh continued.

According to him, extradition from the Netherlands is of two types: ordinary, which takes a couple of years, and high-speed, which takes a couple of months. While it is a question of the standard extradition procedure, the lawyer noted.

Bukh admitted that he, Dubnikov and the Dutch lawyer of the Russian could agree to the US deportation request in order to sort out the case in the United States. This decision can be made because the United States is not obliged to provide the Netherlands with a full package of documents: a minimum set of documents is sufficient to start the expulsion procedure, the lawyer explained.

According to him, the Russian embassy in Holland has already received information about the arrest of Dubnikov. “They’re working on it. We are waiting for some action from the Russian side '', & mdash; said Bukh.

Dubnikov was arrested at the request of the United States in the Netherlands on November 2, The Wall Street Journal reported. According to the US Department of Justice, the Russian was engaged in money laundering in the interests of the Ryuk hacker group, and also received a reward of $ 400 thousand in bitcoins from the funds that the victims transferred to the extortionists. Dubnikov did not admit his guilt, since he was not aware of any criminal acts, Bukh said in a conversation with the WSJ.

In 2020, Ryuk accounted for a third of all cyber attacks that were carried out in the United States with the aim of extortion , said cybersecurity firm SonicWall. Initially, it was assumed that the group is associated with North Korea, but in 2019, experts from CrowdStrike and McAfee Labs reported that the malware was developed rather by “ Russian-speaking hackers ''. The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied their involvement in any hacker attacks.

Dubnikov is 29 years old. According to SPARK, he is the CEO of Briefcase, a law firm in which he owns 50%. On November 5, the press service of Briefcase noted that “ the unfounded accusations imputed to Dubnikov by US law enforcement agencies have nothing to do with the company's activities. ''

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