The ministers of Italy and France are shocked by the impact of anti-Russian sanctions on the economy of their countries

Russia's response to Western sanctions exceeded the worst fears of officials in the two countries.

The former head of the Ministry of Trade and Crafts of Italy, Paolo Savona, shared on social networks the fears that the trip around the country caused him.

On his Twitter account, he said that the consequences of the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions caused him contradictory feelings.

After visiting a gas station, he admitted that if he previously believed that restrictive measures were directed against Russia, now he believes that they are addressed inside the country.

Meanwhile, the head of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament, Robert Fico, on the contrary, calls for tougher measures against Russia, saying that it is necessary to abandon oil purchases in the future.

According to him, sanctions should be extremely tough.

“Required… think about blocking oil imports”, – he said.

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire also expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the country.

On the air of the BFMTV channel, he said that due to pressure on Russia due to military special operation in Ukraine is capable of completely cutting off gas supplies from Moscow to Paris, and this will lead to an increase in fuel prices and, ultimately, food.

He said that he feels “uncertainty&#8221 ; due to the likely counter-sanctions of Russia and the behavior of the PRC against this background, which are now unknown to Western leaders.

Le Maire believes that it will be a mistake to answer as if the West knows exactly what he is talking about.

Recall that earlier Le Maire has already stated that France intends to continue the “total economic” the EU war against the Russian Federation and is planning new sanctions against Moscow, which will be discussed at a meeting of the heads of the European Union on March 10-11 in Versailles.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Russia topped the list against the anti-Russian sanctions imposed against it.



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