The Russian Embassy announced a decrease in cases of discrimination against Russians in Germany

The flow of allegations of discrimination from Russian citizens living in Germany has decreased significantly since the start of the special operation in Ukraine, RBC was told at the Russian Embassy in Germany

Entrance to the sports hall of the German-Russian Lomonosov school after the arson in Berlin

Potok statements from Russian citizens facing discrimination in Germany since the beginning of Russia's military special operation in Ukraine has decreased significantly, RBC was told in the press service of the Russian Embassy in Germany. Earlier, the diplomatic mission opened a special feedback channel in the form of a separate e-mail box, which received messages from citizens about incidents that happened to them.

“Currently, the flow of applications has decreased significantly. We associate this with the effectiveness of our efforts to attract the attention of the German authorities, law enforcement agencies of the FRG and the public to this problem, as well as statements by prominent German politicians about the inadmissibility of such manifestations, — said the press service of the embassy. As noted in the diplomatic mission, since February 24 “there has been a sharp surge in cases of discrimination against our compatriots in Germany.”

“It was, in particular, about assault and damage to property,“ mobbing ” (bullying — RBC) at workplaces and educational institutions, including children, insults and threats. The Federal Office of the Criminal Police of Germany recorded about 200 illegal acts against Russian-speaking citizens per week, — explained at the embassy.

The embassy added that they are also closely monitoring the situation with the desecration of Soviet memorials. “For all cases of vandalism and desecration of Soviet military memorials in Germany, the Russian Embassy sends notes of protest to the German Foreign Ministry, as well as letters to local authorities. The consequences are promptly eliminated. Memorial security has been strengthened. The police respond professionally,— told RBC in the diplomatic mission.

On April 28, the German sociological service Medien Dienst Integration published a study titled “Hostile Actions in Connection with the War in Ukraine”, in which it indicated that since February 24, according to the federal police, about 1,700 hostile actions have been recorded in Germany, according to the federal police. Among them were the most cases of damage to property, including broken shop windows, punctured car tires and graffiti on buildings. The crimes were directed against people or businesses, including individuals of Ukrainian and Russian origin and their businesses. In some cases, actions were directed against immigrants from Belarus. The study notes that since February 24, many messages about discrimination against the Russian-speaking population have been published on social networks, but a significant part of them turned out to be false.

In early April, the Federal Office for the Protection of the German Constitution warned against targeted disinformation campaigns exaggerating the scale of hostilities against people of Russian origin. The Tagesspiegel, in turn, reported 16 cases of vandalism against Soviet memorials in Berlin, including in Treptow Park.

In early April, German Interior Minister Nancy Feiser spoke out against discrimination against Russian-speaking people in Germany. “A terrible war of aggression against Ukraine” This is Putin's war. This is not a war of people with Russian roots who live in Germany. We strongly oppose hostility or discrimination against people because of their Russian origin or language, — she told the DPA agency. The minister stressed that the department “will protect every person in Germany and every object equally.”

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Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Secretary General Mario Chaia urged Germans with Russian roots to contact his office if they encounter discrimination. I see with alarm that there are attacks on Russian shops and a Russian-German school in Marzahn-Hellersdorf (administrative district of Berlin. — RBC). There are graffiti on the walls of the houses, such as “Russian shop”; and “military officials”. Russian-speakers are bullied in the subway. Together we must respond to this smoldering intra-German conflict at an early stage and take countermeasures before the child falls into the well. he said.

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