The UN responded to Kosovo’s recognition of the Russian persona non grata

UN: the status of persona non grata does not apply to the organization's employees On the eve of Kosovo, a Russian from the UN Interim Administration Mission was recognized persona non grata. The UN indicated that this status cannot be applied to an employee of the organization and said that they are taking measures to protect him

Stefan Dujarrick

The UN Interim Administration Mission for Kosovo (UNMIK) has received no official notification from the authorities of the partially recognized republic that the Russian officer has been declared persona non grata. This was stated by the representative of the UN Secretary General Stephane Dujarric.

Dujarric indicated that the status of persona non grata cannot be applied to a UN employee, this is not provided for by the regulation on UNMIK.

“ The UN Mission in Kosovo and UN Headquarters are taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the employee in question and are in contact with interested authorities on this matter, '' & mdash; he added.

On December 31, Kosovo Foreign Minister Donika Gervala announced that a Russian UNMIK employee had been recognized as persona non grata at the request of the republic's prime minister, Albin Kurti, for “ malicious activity ''; a Russian who suffers from Kosovo's national security.

The Russian embassy in Serbia called this step a provocation, the purpose of which is & mdash; Curry favor with Western mentors. The diplomats noted that, in accordance with international law and “ central to the Kosovo settlement '' Resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council, this decision has no legal consequences.

Kosovo declared its independence in 2008, before that it was an autonomous republic within Serbia. Kosovo was recognized by most of the EU countries and more than a hundred countries & mdash; members of the UN. Serbia, Russia, China and a number of other countries do not recognize Kosovo as a separate state.

In October, the head of Kosovo, Vyosa Osmani, ordered to expel two Russian diplomats from the republic because they “ threaten national security and constitutional order '' country. Russian Foreign Ministry condemned 'such destructive behavior' authorities of the republic, and the embassy called this decision a provocation.

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