The United States allowed some of the workers of the consulate in Almaty to leave

Those employees, whose absence is not critical for the functioning of the diplomatic mission, can leave the city and the country. Americans in Alma-Ata were also warned about possible difficulties in rendering consular services

Some of the consular employees, whose work is not critical for the diplomatic mission, and their family members can leave the US Consulate in Almaty for background of protests and leave. Reuters writes about this with reference to the State Department's message.

The State Department indicated that the decision to leave would be voluntary.

“ US citizens in Kazakhstan should be aware that protests could seriously affect the ability of the US Embassy to provide consular services, including assistance to US citizens leaving Kazakhstan, '' & mdash; added by the Department of State.

The day before, the consulate in Alma-Ata issued a warning to US citizens in the city in connection with the ongoing anti-terrorist operation in the city and the imposed state of emergency. In the event of a riot, the Americans were advised to hide in shelters, not to go out on balconies and not to approach windows, and also not to go outside unless absolutely necessary. They are also advised to avoid crowds and rallies.


Alma-Ata is one of the fiercest fighting between protesters and security forces. Eyewitnesses reported shooting in the city, including in the center, on 6 and 7 January. On the morning of January 7, the RBC correspondent reported that the shooting was heard near Republic Square and the building of the old presidential residence. As a result, there were people killed, their bodies lying on the roads, as well as in cars. On the morning of January 8, Sputnik Kazakhstan also reported on the ongoing shooting.

The counter-terrorist operation continues in the city. The day before, President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev ordered the security forces to shoot to kill without warning. “ Abroad, calls are being made to hold negotiations for a peaceful solution to the problem. What nonsense! What negotiations can be with criminals, with murderers '', & mdash; he explained his decision. The President also said that with the “ terrorists '' it is necessary to fight until complete destruction.

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