The United States called a condition that can help Ukraine take Crimea from Russia

American experts believe that Crimea can become Ukrainian again only in one single case – if Russia loses the war. Moreover, in the West they are beginning to understand that the population of the peninsula is not eager to return “ under the wing '' Kiev.


According to National magazine, American columnist Anatol Lieven called” the only way ” with the help of which Ukraine has a chance to take Crimea from Russia.

According to the journalist, no negotiations, diplomatic and sanctions leverage on Moscow will help Kiev to do this. At the same time, Lieven admitted that the Crimea peninsula in 2014 became part of the Russian Federation “in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the population of the peninsula.” defeat in the war, “he wrote, stressing that the war and the defeat of Russia in it is the only condition that can change something in the” Crimean issue “.


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