The US has banned the entry of a native of the USSR and the former richest woman in Africa

The US accused the USSR-born Isabel dos Santos of corruption and banned her from entering the US State Department imposed restrictions on the USSR-born daughter of the ex-President of Angola Isabel dos Santos for participation in corruption offenses. In early 2021, Forbes removed her from the list of the richest people in Africa

Isabel dos Santos

The United States imposed sanctions against the daughter of the former President of Angola, entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos, who was born in the USSR, according to the US State Department.

According to the department, restrictions on dos Santos were introduced for participation in corruption offenses “ by embezzling public funds for personal purposes. '' As part of these measures, the United States may deny entry to foreign officials who it suspects are involved in such crimes.

the former head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Oleksandr Tupitskiy “ for serious corruption actions, including receiving a bribe while working in the Ukrainian judicial system. '' The restrictions extended to his wife Olga.

Dos Santos & mdash; daughter of José Eduardo dos Santos, who was President of Angola from 1979 to 2017. She was born in 1973 in the USSR, in Baku, when her father studied there, and by birth she has Russian citizenship.

In 2013, Forbes named dos Santos the richest woman in Africa, estimating her fortune at $ 3.5 billion. In mid-2020, according to the publication, it dropped to $ 1.4 billion. In January 2021, the magazine excluded her from the list of the richest people. continent, this happened due to the freezing of assets of dos Santos in Angola and Portugal in 2019 and 2020 in the framework of criminal cases against her.

During the reign of his father, Dos Santos became the owner of 25% in the company manufacturing mobile phones Unitel, co-owner of several banks and chairman of Angola's state oil company Sonangol. Since the coming to power of President João Lourenço in 2017, who promised to end clan capitalism in Angola, she began to lose her assets, and her prosecution began in various jurisdictions.

At the end of January 2020, the Attorney General's Office of Angola accused dos Santos of embezzling Sonangol funds, and her accounts were frozen. She was also suspected of large embezzlement, fraud and the use of her position. According to the authorities, the loss from her actions amounted to $ 5 billion. The woman, who by that time had left for Portugal, did not admit the accusations against her. Later, at the request of Angolan law enforcement agencies, her accounts in Portugal were arrested.

In June 2020, dos Santos announced her readiness to cooperate with the investigation, explaining this with a desire to restore her good name. A month earlier, she said that one of the pieces of evidence against her & mdash; a passport that was allegedly used for fraudulent schemes & mdash; was fake. According to dos Santos, the date of birth is incorrectly indicated in the document, the passport numbers in the two places do not match, and the signature in it belongs to actor Bruce Lee, who died in 1973.

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