Tokayev described what happened in Kazakhstan as “Alma-Ata tragedy”

The President of Kazakhstan said that during the coup attempt, armed militants attacked the country's largest city, Alma-Ata, from three directions, like a “huge flock of hyenas”

The militants launched several waves of aggression against Kazakhstan, these events will go down in history as the “ Alma-Ata tragedy, '' said President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev during the CSTO online summit, broadcast by RBK.


“ Armed militants rushed into the city from three directions, like a huge flock of hyenas. At first, they masqueraded as peaceful demonstrators, misled the police and even the residents of the city. And then began what will go down in history, probably, as the Alma-Ata tragedy '', & mdash; Tokayev said.

The President of Kazakhstan stressed that, in general, we are talking about an attempted coup d'etat in the country. The actions of the militants were coordinated from one center. “ Having a complete picture of events, I can responsibly declare that all events since the beginning of this year constitute links in one chain. They are subordinated to a single destructive plan, the preparation of which took a long time. How long did this preparation take & mdash; a year, two, three, & mdash; will show the consequence & raquo;, & mdash; said the President of Kazakhstan.

In his speech, Tokayev has repeatedly stressed that the matter concerns an attack on Kazakhstan by international terrorists. According to him, this is also evidenced by the characteristic handwriting: the attackers took the bodies of the dead and took them out of the morgues. At one point, Alma-Ata and nine regional centers fell into the hands of bandits, but the arrival of the CSTO contingent helped to recapture the largest city of Kazakhstan from the attackers. Only after learning about the arrival of three planes with CSTO forces, the militants abandoned their plans to attack the residence of the President of Kazakhstan.

our country '', & mdash; he stated.

According to him, the terrorists hoped to draw off the forces of law and order in order to then strike at the capital of Kazakhstan & mdash; Nur-Sultan. The fall of Alma-Ata would open the way to capture the south of the country, and then the whole of Kazakhstan, he believes.

The riots that began in Kazakhstan on January 2 were initially provoked by a doubling of prices for liquefied gas, which is used by up to 70% of motorists in the country. However, later political demands began to sound at the protests, including the resignation of the government. On January 5 and 6, the conflict escalated, and the rallies escalated into military clashes.

A number of administrative buildings, including the akimats (administrations) of Almaty, Aktau and several other cities, were seized. A state of emergency was declared in the country, the authorities of Kazakhstan turned to the CSTO for help. Peacekeeping contingents from Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan have been brought into Kazakhstan. Air communication with Alma-Ata has been interrupted, the city has almost no mobile communications and the Internet.

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