Troy Ave – 2 Legit 2 Quit

God is great, paper straight, 808
Certified i got the heat, damn, i beat him up and took his pistol. (Right out his hand)

I was blowin’ to make him RIP, he was scared and he was swift. Table’s turned now watch him fleeeee
Im just 2 legit 2 quit, niggas tried to kill me in my whip. (in my pretty red drop)
God say you ain’t killing shit, Anklet bracelet on me son i have my grip, they be check thats how i bluffin, i would have gunned that pussy down (smoke all in his face).Niggas know how i get down (turn you to a cold case), i do murder without a sound, i do murders and dont get found (if they dead then who tellin’), Im only loyal to my fam, middle finger from his dames, i was in and out of hell, when you see me out of jail, ain’t no rules when you ruthless, nothing since this niggas too fake, leave em toothless. Punch em out and not a clock, only work i got is plocks. water whip until it rocks, thats how a nigga livin after i got knocked. Came home and started spending, i got a lawsuit pending. Twenty million dollars later, and i still dont give a fuck about no hater, im just 2 legit 2 quit, you can’t forget how niggas switch, i cut him off

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