Trump warns of an internal threat to the United States due to “sick” politicians

Trump: the threat from “sick and radical” politicians inside the US exceeds the threat from Russia “Sick and radical” politicians inside the US pose a greater danger to the country than Russia, China or Iran, Trump said. In his opinion, the United States is threatened by inflation and recession

Donald Trump

The greatest danger to the United States comes from radical American politicians who are trying, knowingly or unknowingly, to “destroy our country,” former President Donald Trump said during a speech to supporters in Michigan. The video was published by Newsmax on YouTube.

“Despite everything you hear and see about China, Russia, Iran and others, our biggest danger does not come from outside, our biggest danger comes from sick and radical politicians,— Trump said.— This is a bigger threat than Russia and China»

In his opinion, now the United States is teetering on the verge of “stagflation”— inflation and recession, and the administration of current President Joe Biden is threatening to destroy everything that Trump has achieved during his presidency. “Real wages are falling and they want to raise your taxes,” he pointed out.

During his speech, Trump also said that Americans “cannot do anything about the physical and mental decline [of] Joe Biden,” but they can vote Republican this fall to stop the “decline of the United States.” “I don’t remember a time when we ever felt so low, so low. And we have a president who has no idea what's going on, — Trump says.

In his opinion, the current American president “killed the American dream”, but the country still has a chance to become “bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever before.” with the right guidance. “The five worst presidents in American history put together wouldn't have done the damage that Joe Biden did in just 15 months,” Trump sure. He warned that if the Republicans win the election this fall, an investigation will be launched against Biden.

The midterm elections to the US House of Representatives and Senate are scheduled for November 8, 2022.

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